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Questions tagged [medical-history]

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That famous Vivien Thomas suture - what was it?

Does anyone know what sort of stitch Vivien Thomas used that prompted the remark from Blalock, "this looks like something the Lord made?" How closely does the modern atrial septectomy resemble Vivien ...
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Protocol for prior complications prior to a surgery

Consider the following scenario: A patient undergoes a surgical procedure (say, total knee arthroscopy). A few days later, the patient is readmitted for a complication, such as a pulmonary embolism ...
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Have any novel virus or bacteria ever been created by man in the laboratory that we know of?

This question may be off topic for medicine. Let us not consider COVID19. Are there any known man made viruse or bacteria ever created or modified by man that we know of? Bio weapons labs weaponize ...
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When did modern medicine begin?

What is the conventionally accepted time period in which modern medicine began and are there any discoveries that are considered to be particularly relevant?
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Book recommendation for: Introduction to Health, Anthropology, Demography. History of Medicine

Could you recommend a book for this subject on medicine: Introduction to Health, Anthropology, Demography. History of Medicine? The thematic blocks of the subject are: 1. Health and healthcare ...
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