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Is it a good idea to consume Soylent meal replacements (specifically containing potassium supplements)?

The reason I am asking this is actually related to daily recommended potassium intake, which is stated to be around 4.700 mg daily. However, even if I concentrate all my meals on potassium intake, it'...
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Why are we being advised to eat large breakfasts and small and early suppers?

The common advice is that people should eat large breakfasts (that are supposed to support energy for the whole day), medium-sized dinners and lunches, and to reduce supper to only a snack and eat it ...
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Do green powders maintain nutritional values?

I really love to drink green smoothies. I usually put in a generous amount of fresh parsley or fresh spinach leaves and I like it very much. I saw that you can buy some green powders in order to mix ...
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Malnutrition vs Pure Protein Shakes Diet

Let's say in a hypothetical example someone is very busy M-Th, whether it be with schooling and/or work, and is unable to find time to eat. There is an exception as they are able to have a small to ...
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Details on molybdenum bioavailability in milk?

There have been reports of molybdenum in milk since before 1951. However, supposedly "there [is] no data on bioavailability in cow's milk" after all these years. Most sources I find claim milk ...
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