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Is there a correlation between a vegan diet low in Vitamin B12 and the occurrence or severity of vitiligo?

Studies have shown a significant reduction of Vitamin B12 levels in individuals with vitiligo. This meta-analysis provides an overview: Results: Twenty-two ...
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Can (mal)nutrition cause muscle twitches?

We have often seen and/or experienced annoying involuntary muscle twitches in the corners of the eyes, in calf muscles etc. But I have wondered about their causes. WebMD states that [e]yelid ...
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If protein poisoning is caused by a lack of dietary fats, why isn't it more prevalent? [closed]

From what I've read about protein poisoning/rabbit starvation, the issue is a complete lack of fats in the diet. The malnutrition symptoms are pretty bad, and it's telling that cravings can only be ...
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What would a map of all possible diets look like?

As I understand it, a diet can be broadly described in term of macronutrient ratios—i.e., the proportions of energy received from carbohydrate, protein and fat sources. In that case, presumably the ...
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What does the prevalence of low potassium (hypokalemia) in 21% of hospital patients really tell us and how is it being addressed?

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 1 in 5 hospital patients has hypokalemia (low potassium) and often this is the result of a side effect of heart related medications (ibid.): .....
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Which essential nutrient is the first that will cause debilitating illness if supply is insufficient

While reading about the US requirements for food labeling (How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label) about essential nutrients it became obvious that that label is far from complete. ...
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Is it safe to eat uncooked (raw) oats

I eat 150 grams of raw oats every morning together with other things, and I have just heard that oats should always be cooked (boiled). (I do a lot of exercise) I heard that in the long run, raw oats ...
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Malnutrition vs Pure Protein Shakes Diet

Let's say in a hypothetical example someone is very busy M-Th, whether it be with schooling and/or work, and is unable to find time to eat. There is an exception as they are able to have a small to ...
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What might happen if we don't chew food properly?

This question might be simple but it has kind of been bothering me for a while. Lately I have been observing that I don't chew my food properly. If it comes to small sliced vegetables or it is rice, ...
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Can the human body switch to a "starvation" mode?

I've heard on multiple occasions from less than credible sources that dieting by eating less (usually implemented by skipping meals, not smaller meals) will cause the human body to enter some sort of "...
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