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Does papaya really work against Dengue, Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases?

Papaya leaves have long been considered a natural cure for Dengue and Malaria. And at the same time many say it's an old wive's tale with no scientific proof. The plant does contain phytochemicals (...
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What diseases can be spread by mosquitos?

I heard that the chance of contracting HIV from mosquitos is highly improbable, but I'm wondering about other incurable, chronic, or crippling diseases. I know malaria and the west nile virus can be ...
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Infectious disease in Tanzanian lowlands

people moving from the Tanzanian highlands, e.g. Usambara mountains, Kilimandjaro region, to the plains are quite often affected by a disease with the following symptoms: onset similar to malaria, ...
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During the GMEP of 1955-1968: "malaria had been eliminated in 35 countries" versus "15 countries and one territory eliminated malaria"

In one source, it is claimed that, during the Global Malaria Eradication Program (GMEP) of 1955-1968 "malaria had been eliminated in 35 countries". In another source, it is claimed that, during this ...
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