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Does stimulating lymph flow speed up adaptive immune response?

TL;DR it seems that one mayor factor slowing down the adaptive immune response is the slowness with which Dendritic cells travel through the lymphatic system. Is it effective for to purposefully ...
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Modern explanation of the Burkitt's lymphoma geography [closed]

In Dr. Arnold Levine "Viruses", a book published in 1991, it's noted that while association between Burkitt's lymphoma and the Epstein-Barr virus is established, the correlation between the ...
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What is Sentinel lymph node? [closed]

The axillary lymph node group does not include the sentinel lymph node and Wikipedia says it is a “hypothetical ” lymph node which is the first to be drained by a tumour. It also has a significant ...
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Lymph node swelling

I'm sure that most of us had, at some point in their life, swollen lymph nodes (be it because of a flu or some other kind of not-too-serious illness) and there is generally no reason to panic if one ...
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What is the meaning of T2 Nx Mx in histopathological examination?

My dad's histopathological examination (HPE) of his rectal adenocarcinoma says T2 Nx Mx. Hence, it means that the lymph nodes were not assessed. However, as per my understanding, when the rectum/colon ...
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What is a Lymph Node Collection

I'm looking at my results from a C/T I had a year ago, because my doctor wants to get another since my lymph node is still enlarged. When I looked at the results I saw The right axillary region ...
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Is it possible to maintain my health during irregular sleeping patterns?

I'm 23 years old lanky guy, and my health is below average. I believe it's also wise to mention that I currently have Tuberculosis in my lymph nodes around the neck area, for which I'm taking my ...
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