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Blood tests for borrelia and their informative value

Disclaimer: I am here as a highly medically interested person looking for an explanation of an observed phenomenon, not for medical advice, as it is not about my person. I work in a diagnostic ...
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Chances of contracting Lyme disease after an half hour walk through a narrow trail through woods

I walked for about half an hour through a narrow trail in the woods in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt yesterday. I am now worried about the possibility of being bit by a tick and contracting Lyme ...
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Lyme disease and joint popping

According to this article and others I have read, Lyme disease can cause joint popping. What is actually going on to cause it? Does the spirochete actually get into the synovial fluid that ...
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How much time takes it to get a diagnosis of borreliosis/lyme disease?

I cannot find any source that clearly tells me how quickly a diagnosis for finding out wether someone carries borreliosis or not can be conducted (I hope it is clear what I mean, I have little medical ...
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Do Western Blot 'false negatives' eventually produce positives?

I've heard again and again that the Western Blot test, used to detect the presence of Lyme Disease, often produces false negatives. But I would suspect that at some point, whatever it is that Lyme ...
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How do you monitor possible Lyme disease after a treated infection?

A patient was diagnosed (through blood tests) with Lyme Disease after a tick bite and treated with first oral and then intravenous antibiotics, apparently successfully. The patient saw the physician ...
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What would happen if a person used Flea medicine on themselves?

There are many flea & tick treatments that you just put a few drops on the skin of your pet regularly and keeps them protected. Lyme Disease is currently problematic in my area. The drops work ...
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