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How does sleeping chest-side down hurt the spine?

I do not know the correct English term for the position, so I will just refer it to as "chest-side down". The following CNN page seem to call it the "stomach position", and they ...
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Why do exercises for lower back pain concentrate on the abdominal musciles?

I've gone to physical therapy twice in my life for lower back pain. Each time the exercises I was given concentrated on improving the strength of the abdominal muscles, never the gluteus group of ...
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STarT Questionnaire Meaning

When referring to the STarT questionnaire. Why is "STarT" capitalised like that? I can't seem to find a definition of it as an acronym. The STarT questionnaire, also know as the STarT Back ...
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Can one have Sciatica without having the leg pain? Just lower back pain? [closed]

Can Sciatica manifest itself without having pain run down one of the legs? Can it feel like lower back pain?
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long term effects of TB

I contracted and suffered from TB when I was 3 years old and apparently it was an acute case because as my mother said they feared for my life. The disease was cured and I have had no sequels or long ...
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Infectious disease in Tanzanian lowlands

people moving from the Tanzanian highlands, e.g. Usambara mountains, Kilimandjaro region, to the plains are quite often affected by a disease with the following symptoms: onset similar to malaria, ...
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