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Why do exercises for lower back pain concentrate on the abdominal musciles?

I've gone to physical therapy twice in my life for lower back pain. Each time the exercises I was given concentrated on improving the strength of the abdominal muscles, never the gluteus group of ...
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Can one have Sciatica without having the leg pain? Just lower back pain?

Can Sciatica manifest itself without having pain run down one of the legs? Can it feel like lower back pain?
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STarT Questionnaire Meaning

When referring to the STarT questionnaire. Why is "STarT" capitalised like that? I can't seem to find a definition of it as an acronym. The STarT questionnaire, also know as the STarT Back ...
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long term effects of TB

I contracted and suffered from TB when I was 3 years old and apparently it was an acute case because as my mother said they feared for my life. The disease was cured and I have had no sequels or long ...
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Infectious disease in Tanzanian lowlands

people moving from the Tanzanian highlands, e.g. Usambara mountains, Kilimandjaro region, to the plains are quite often affected by a disease with the following symptoms: onset similar to malaria, ...
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How does sleeping chest-side down hurt the spine?

I do not know the correct English term for the position, so I will just refer it to as "chest-side down". The following CNN page seem to call it the "stomach position", and they ...
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