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How do we know that our esophageal sphincters are malfunctioning in acid reflux without endoscopy?

If you have acid reflux that gives you severe level of mouth ulcers in such a way that you are getting multiple clusters of canker sores on your tongue and you can't eat or sleep anymore, does that ...
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Is it possible to strengthen/tighten the LES (lower esophageal sphincter)?

To my knowledge, in relation to GERD, certain things you aren't supposed to have include coffee, tea, spicy foods, citrus foods, and chocolate because they relax the (LES) "lower esophageal sphincter."...
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Can GERD be caused by too little stomach acid?

Ever since the book, Why Stomach Acid is Good For You, I've wondered if it is true that GERD can be caused by too little, not too much, stomach acid. Is it possible that too little stomach acid can ...
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