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Contagiousness of lip herpes in the work environment?

I just started working in a chemistry lab and found out on my first day that someone in the same lab as I am has lip herpes. I am a habitual nailbiter, and while this would be a great opportunity to ...
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Is Hemangioma treatable by medicine? [closed]

I am a 45 year old male from India. I was born with a Hemangioma in upper lip. Doctors told us it does not have a complete cure, so they planned to give injections when it increased. Doctors are now ...
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Accidental hickeys: How long do hickeys last? How to prevent the development of them next time?

I accidentally gave my long-term boyfriend of 4 years several hickeys on his neck this weekend. We make out all the time, and I've never given him hickeys before (never desired or thought about ...