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Supracondylar Fracture to the Humerus

Why does a supracondylar fracture lead to a median nerve injury and not the ulnar? According to one of Gray's Anatomy Review's practice questions, it was the median. Doesn't the median nerve pass in ...
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Prevention of numb limbs caused by sleep posture

About a month ago I woke up to my right arm completely numb forearm onwards. It was completely dead and I could swing it around. It took a few minutes for it to come back alive and I didn't care about ...
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When not to apply pressure to bullet wound?

I've been reading around and cannot find a definite answer. When should I or when should i not apply direct pressure to a bullet wound? I'll narrow it down to arms and legs.
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Is Alien Hand Syndrome MORE common among those born with extra limbs and dactyls (fingers and toes)? Or not studied?

As stated in a previous post, Alien-Hand-Syndrome is: "A disorder in which a person’s hand or limb acts as if it has autonomous, voluntary activity independent of the individual." -- Medical ...
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What is the significance of the right lower node in a 12-lead electrocardiogram placement?

Given this EKG limb leads image, I noticed that the function of the right leg node in a 12-lead ecg/ekg is missing. In an actual placement I know this is present. So I need to ask, what is the ...
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