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If human life is so long largely due to modern medicine, does every illness shorten lifespan?

One of the most often-cited facts about human life, compared to those of other animals, is that the main reason we live so much longer is modern medicine. Because we can treat illnesses that would ...
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How does removal of the gallbladder affect life expectancy?

Is the gallbladder really just a rudimental organ? If I undergo cholecystectomy, will my life expectancy be shorter than normal because of that?
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Has the (in)famous J-shaped curve with regard to alcohol consumption and life expectancy been finally disproven?

Firstly: I am aware of the other question: Is moderate alcohol consumption beneficial for maximizing life expectancy? Nevertheless, this question dates to 2015, and the recent campaign of medical ...
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Does exercising lower your lifespan?

I read that the consumption rate (Cal) of stronger muscles while resting is higher than that of less dense muscle tissue. Kleiber's Law and Rate of Living Theory states that organisms have circa the ...
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When was congenital-analgesia (aka congenital insensitivity to pain), the inability to feel pain, clinically documented? How rare?

When was congenital-analgesia (aka congenital insensitivity to pain), the inability to feel pain, clinically documented? How rare is it really? Is it hereditary? Or just a sporadic fluke mutation? ...
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What is the genetic vs non-genetic contribution to lifespan?

I am looking for any studies that involved twins that would show how much lifespan can be increased by living healthily, and how much it depends on lifestyle rather than genetics.
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4 votes
2 answers

By how much does former smoking reduce one's lifespan?

If someone in their late teens/early 20s smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 5-10 years, and then never smoked again, by approximately how much would that reduce their lifespan?
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3 votes
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Are people expected to live over 100 now?

I noticed when reading PDS's of life insurance companies, some of them have an age cap of 99. Of course, they have to be profitable, and if everyone dies at an average of 90 years of age, then they'd ...
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What would life expectancy be today without medicine and surgery? [closed]

I am from France, and noticed recently that many people I know - friends, family - would have died young without today's medicine. Apparently, in 1900, life expectancy at birth (LEB) in France was ...
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How does removal of the testicles affect life expectancy?

Is there some deep flaw in this assumption? Does the removal of the testicles result in a longer life expectancy fairly consistently?
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Is it technically possible to replace aging body part and live forever? [closed]

I heard that iPS cells can be used to make some human organs (Takebe, et al. 2013). If we make young organs using regenerative medical techniques and replace aging organs with them, can we live ...
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2 answers

Calculate U.S. life expectancy for 2025?

This is the hard data on incidence of specific diseases for the year 1995 and (projected) 2025. I have omitted chronic diseases as a group, although they are projected to increase from 90 million (...
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1 vote
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Cancer Life Expectancy

I understand there is data for 5/10 year survival rates for different cancers. Is there any data on survival rates for survivors? IE what is the patient's 5 year survival rate, given no recurrence in ...
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Do drugs that increase (or don't decrease) mortality during clinical studies still get approved and if so - why?

From reading about clinical studies on various chronic diseases, I get a sense that increasing lifespan is rarely the primary objective of these studies, and instead they focus on surrogate markers, ...
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Does male ejaculation shortens life span? [closed]

I read many articles about this. I even talked to my doctor and other people. But it looks like everybody has an opinion, but nobody actually really knows if it's true. Let's take 25 year old male. ...
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