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Questions about safe use of lenses, good hygiene habits, safety and complications that can occur.

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Is it medically advisable to have spectacle lenses perfectly aligned with each other?

I have noticed some local brands of spectacles having the lenses slightly angled as shown in the second image below ("If lenses are at an angle"). I believe it is done to have the lenses ...
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Is there a way to protect eyes from negative effects of computer and mobile screen? [duplicate]

People who work on computer and smartphone during most hours of the day are prone to impacts of the light of these screens. I have read about the negative effects of the light from screen. So I was ...
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Derivation of the relationship between snellen rows and diopters

The results of converting between rows of a snellen chart and diopters is indicated in the tables at these two links: How to Convert Diopters to 20/20 Vision and Conversion Table for Distance Vision ...
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The next generation of contact lenses

My eyes have the problem of keratoconus and the last 10 years I live using rigid gas contact lenses. The last years piggy-backs. But I am not so satisfied with the precision and accuracy. To be more ...
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Is it ok to not wash a contact lens?

My contact lens fell out onto a relatively clean surface. I picked it up and put it back into my eye without washing my hands or the contact. There were no visible particles on the contact and the ...
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The effect of Wearing Contact Lenses during Working hours

I always hated wearing my glasses. I find them cumbersome, reduce visibility since most of the time they're smudged, they tend to fall off with certain movements (like hugging your dog), etc... I ...
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How can I tell if a soft contact lens is inside out?

Soft contact lenses can be turned inside out. It then becomes difficult to know which is the right way around. This is especially a problem when I have put contact lenses in, then accidentally knocked ...
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How safe are contact lenses?

Are there any side effects to wearing contact lenses for a long time? Is there any way that wearing them can damage your eyes? I'm referring to long-term use that is within or close to the ...
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