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At which color temperature and intensity can LED lighting be safe?

An LED light panel uses 128 LED beads, has an adjustable color temperature range from 3300K to 5500K, and an adjustable brightness range from 10% to 100%. Sources like the one at the link below state ...
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Which kind for filter to protect eyes from LED's blue light : UV(A), UV(B) or UV(C)?

I heard about the so called "retinal light toxicity" that the blue light from LED lighting may cause. I would like to mount a filter on the objective of my microscope to reduce the risk of injuries, ...
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World's decision to switch to LED lighting (to save $) cause more health problems? Migraines? Circadian-Rhythm? Seizures? Light-sensitivity?

I have not switched to LED lighting in my home (though I know that it saves a lot of money in the long run) because I know how it personally impacts me. Not only does it disrupt my circadian-rhythm (...
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Can an IPS panel in a monitor help relieve eye strain? [closed]

Working as a programmer, I have problems with my eyes. I am using eyedrops, but that does not help. Up till now I always worked with LED monitors a colleague told me that I could try one with an IPS ...
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