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What is the difference between a percutaneous endoscopic procedure and a laparoscopic procedure?

Laparoscopic procedures and percutaneous endoscopic procedures both seem very similar, but are somehow distinct. I can find plenty of studies comparing the outcomes of the different methods (e.g. ...
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Why can one not simply remove gallstones, not the whole gallbladder?

The gallbladder is a pouch like organ that can hold little stones that form from cholesterol and other crystals. When people experience pain or other complications from these stones, the common ...
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Why do doctors use tendon instead of ligament in key-hole surgery?

For knee surgery, the most common method is to use a tendon from elsewhere in patient's body to replace the torn anterior cruciate ligament. But why tendon not ligament? Tendon have different ...
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Has anyone tried to do "telepresence" prenatal surgery yet?

I am wondering if anyone is exploring doing prenatal/fetal surgery using micro-robotic devices controlled "by wire", a sort of local-remote surgery? There are a number of medical conditions that are ...
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