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What are the common causes of excess protein (1 g) in the urine for kidney donors?

I am looking for common causes in diet or lifestyle or other conditions such as hypertension, rather than malfunction in the active (single) kidney. Apart from medical management, what are some ...
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Why/how are some drugs nephrotoxic?

I want to know the (more or less) exact mechanism by which specific nephrotoxic medications damage the kidneys. For some drugs it seems relatively intuitive that they interfere with the function of ...
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Can sweet lime and orange cause kidney stone?

I eat two sweet lime or orange daily after lunch and dinner. I have been doing this since 3 years for 3-4 months during the season of these two fruits. As we know these fruits are acidic, is it ...
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Dystonic Reaction and acute kidney failure

Dystonic reactions seem to be a common reaction on a lot of the antipsychotic drugs. Also kidney failure. Are these issues related in any way?
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Is Adderall safe for someone who donated a kidney?

I donated my kidney many years ago to some random two year old. It was major surgery, but it did get me a month paid vacation on short term disability and was a great way to lose weight (stupid ...
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What is the longest kidney-exchange cycle yet?

What is the longest kidney-exchange cycle yet? I.e. the longest cycle of simultaneous surgeries "donor1-recipient2-donor2-recipient3 ... donorXX-recipient1" I am preparing a lecture on the Roth-...
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