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How does MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil + caffeine biologically provoke accelerated entry into ketogenesis? [closed]

Some years ago while experimenting with MCT oil and caffeine, I found that after a night's sleep and in a state of natural fasting (not eating for ~10 hours), I have been able to reliably enter into ...
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2 votes
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Why is such a low carb intake mandated for keto-adaptation?

I see a lot of articles that suggest 10-50g carbs / day to get into ketosis. Why so low? I need at least 2500+ calories / day. Even if I consumed half of my calories from carbs and glycolysis ...
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What are the physiologic indicators of keto-adaptation as it becomes our primary metabolism?

I understand that insulin prevents ketosis and glucagon prompts it. Aside from these antagonistic, pancreatic hormones, ketosis and keto-adaptation seems to emerge and establish itself through other ...
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