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On an ECG, do we take the J point to be the baseline or the TP segment?

I'm studying current of injuries and the diastolic current theory is explained as such: The ECG machine is programmed to keep the T-P segment at baseline with everything else on the strip moved up or ...
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Is black spotting on the lungs a common benign variance, or a sign of pathology?

I recently found this article which shows an externally-healed lung donation before transplant. The left image is supposedly the lung pre-treatment, and right is post. In both of these images, black ...
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Myocardial Ischemic Contractile Failure & Potassium

From my understanding of myocardial ischemic contractile failure, ischemia causes increased extracellular K+ concentration due to the ATP-sensitive K+ channels opening (as they need ATP to stay closed)...
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Emergent gastric ischemia

I saw a news item today that said this: The state medical examiner’s office ruled Tuesday that the death of a Trinity student in November was accidental and caused by a rare stomach disorder ...
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Does the administration of oxygen to ischaemic patients improve outcome?

In several articles it is reported how isvhaemic (stroke) patients’ outcome Ian improved by oxygen therapy. How beneficial is the administration of oxygen? Are there any studies or guidelines?
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Ischaemia and sensitization

In Acupuncture, Trigger Points and Musculoskeletal Pain (3rd Edition), Baldry asserts the following: "When the Myofascial Trigger Point nociceptor-sensitizing substances bradykinin and prostaglandins ...
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