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Does playing wind instruments cause damage to the eyes overtime?

Found some studies that investigated the IOP's relation to wind instrument playing: one two three. I'm curious because I thought wind instrument playing (as over time it takes endurance to control ...
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Is the increased intraocular pressure from playing wind instruments damaging to the eye?

People who play wind instruments often practice for hours every day. Some studies (this one as well) mentioned that intra-ocular pressure (IOP) raises during play. Some other studies measured a raise ...
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How a person with high eye pressure see? Would you give me pictures?

After asking this question: How can I describe my eye weakness (disease) to a doctor? I went to an occultist. He said that my eye sight is 6/6 (good) and eye bottom is good healthy too. He did not ...
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When someone with glaucoma sees rainbows around lights, what exactly is happening physically?

People with open-angle glaucoma sometimes see halos or rainbows around bright lights (e.g. headlights at night), but not always. Glaucoma results in elevated intraocular pressure and thence pressure ...
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