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Studies on long-term health impacts of IUDs on children conceived after IUD removal

Have any studies been done on the health outcomes of children conceived after removal of their mothers' IUDs vs. children whose mothers never had IUDs? This study is close to what I'm looking for: ...
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1 answer

Does Mirena IUD help with acne control too? Is it safe to take concurrently with Accutane?

If one to use the Mirena IUD contraceptive, will it help with acne control too? Or should I take something separate for that? I'm due to see my dermatologist in awhile about starting Accutane, but ...
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2 answers

OBGYN wants to insert IUD (Mirena) to treat my painful periods, but should I be worried by all the recent lawsuits?

My OBGYN could not officially diagnosis me with endometriosis without performing a laparoscopy (a surgery), and he wants to avoid that at all cost, and he says, even if I had endometriosis, the ...
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