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Can bedbugs transmit the COVID-19 virus from person to person? [closed]

I am in Montreal now and unable to leave because if I go home they will sent me in quarantine in various places where I do not want to go. Question: Do bedbugs transmit COVID-19 from person to person?...
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Bitten by some insect [closed]

About a week ago I was bitten by some insect during my sleep and it left two "bubbles" as shown in the image. Any idea what this is? Bitten hand Picture
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The difference between ticks & fleas? [closed]

My mother went to a campsite near a lake and came back with reddish-brown dots all over her pant legs. She's not sure whether they are ticks or fleas. Her pants sat in her room for two days before ...
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Can a mosquito bite on different parts of the body react differently?

I get a lot of mosquito bites and have noticed that how severe my reaction is depends on where on my body I got bit. I wonder if this is normal and why this occurs?
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Bitten by a Hobo Spider. How serious? Going to off-hour clinic tomorrow, but should I go to the ER now? [closed]

Sometime last night I was bitten by what appeared to be a Hobo spider! I live in Vancouver, British Columbia (Pacific Northwest). At first, the bite didn't hurt too much, but hours later, the ...
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Does applying ice patch to flea bites help heal faster?

Applying ice patch is a command remedy against flea bites help heal faster?. Example : If you have a cold pack that you normally use on ...
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What diseases can be spread by mosquitos?

I heard that the chance of contracting HIV from mosquitos is highly improbable, but I'm wondering about other incurable, chronic, or crippling diseases. I know malaria and the west nile virus can be ...
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