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Are there any herbal medicines that have been established to actually speed up or ease labor?

Now that I'm 37 weeks pregnant, I seem to have a large number of acquaintances suggesting herbal medicines to me the speed up labor or thin the cervix. The two most common have been raspberry leaf tea ...
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Can some adoptive mothers induce lactation to breastfeed their adoptive infants?

I had always thought that the options for breastfeeding an adoptive infant were to hire wet nurses or retrieve breast milk from milk banks (otherwise adoptive infants were fed by baby formula). It ...
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Is it possible to induce sleepwalking?

I read that lucid dreaming is able to be instigated under the right conditions and motivations. Is the same true for sleepwalking, although it is more of a condition?
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The scientific evidence of '4-7-8' breathing trick to induce sleep

I read that a simple '4-7-8' breathing trick can induce sleep in 60 seconds Simple '4-7-8' breathing trick can induce sleep in 60 seconds.Dr Andrew Weil says it works because it allows the lungs ...
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