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Is fibre an essential nutrient?

Inuits' diet consists almost entirely of meat. As per my understanding, meat does not provide us with fibre and fibre is obtained from plant products only. Do the Inuits suffer from any malnutrition ...
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Is it possible to keep reusing shop bough probiotics? [closed]

I only buy it once, and use it again and again for years when I make sauerkraut or any kind of fermented food Is it possible and beneficial?
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Is "HCL Challenge" a right way to test for Hypochlorhydria?

When searching Internets for a home-based way to test for Hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid) the so called HCL Challenge is widely suggested. In the HCL Challenge one gradually increases the dosage ...
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Toxicity of Heated Honey

This link claims that above 42 degrees centigrade, the all-important ‘medicinal’ molecular structure of honey is changed irrevocably, making it indigestible and, in a sense, toxic. Is this true?
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