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What is the toxicity of titanium alloy body implants?

I'm looking for public studies to determine how toxic they are. It should be easy to test intelligence with and without implants. I have an intramedullary nail. When deciding whether to remove it, I'm ...
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Why is it impossible to free xenografts from animal proteins or allografts from another person's proteins? [closed]

I've heard that, for example, rhinoplasty surgeons try to use rib grafts or ear cartilage grafts from the person they're operating when they do surgeries, because donor grafts are not as good, since ...
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What is the meaning of plane of cleavage in scalp tissue expander implants?

According to my professor tissue expander implants are implanted subaponeurotically because of the Easy plane of cleavage and also as it is Avascular and this article also mentions the same thing. ...
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Which dental implants would be better? [closed]

My upper left molar (teeth #7) crumbled and the crown also broke down. The dentist suggested to go for a tooth extraction, followed by an implant. Is it fine if I avoid the implant, and only do the ...
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Branch of medicine that systematically considers human enhancement and morphological modification [closed]

There are known implants, body modification, gene therapy (especially for the fans of morphological freedom), brain-computer interfaces and so on. But is there branch of medicine (some professional ...
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Are any 3D printed materials biocompatible (safe for implantation in the human body)?

Are any typical 3D printed (extrusion based 3D printer) materials, such as ABS or PLA (or slightly more exotic ones, such as kevlar, fibreglass, or carbon fiber), safe for implantation in the human ...
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What kind of implant abutment is it?

My dentist has discovered an implant of unusual shape, see two x-rays of the same area, To the left there is a normally-looking implant, but the other one seems unusual, the abutment does not seem to ...
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What are the implications of extracting a canine tooth without an immediate implant?

I have a canine that hurts even after a root canal; the evidence points towards a crack in the tooth. It looks like I'll need it extracted, but I'm not sure I can afford getting an immediate implant. ...
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Temperature effect on metal implant

I'm working on a university project involving the design of a metal implant. We're considering using a shape memory alloy, nitinol, for an intramedullary nail that changes shape with temperature. The ...
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Do re-implanted avulsed tooth heal completely?

I had a tooth re-implanted by a dentist and it's been two weeks and it is getting harder and stronger. My question is, will the tooth heal completely or do I need to go under a dentistry procedure..?
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about one-piece dental implant

I read on some articles saying that two-piece (kind of nut-and-bolt system) dental implants might have gap as time goes, because a man chews foods everyday. Some bad bacteria (anaerobic bacteria such ...
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