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Why do hypotensive patients receive oxygen therapy?

I read that the American College of Chest Physicians recommended the use of oxygen therapy in several occasions one of which was hypotension if systolic blood pressure was less than 100 mm Hg. I'm ...
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What oxygen saturation level causes fainting?

I am talking about breath hold induced hypoxic state. Basically at what point during such an exercise would you expect the risk of fainting to be significant or can it happen at any saturation level? ...
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what causes hypoxia in Covid19?

What is known right now about the causes of hypoxia in Covid19 infection ? Does it comes from thrombosis formation in lung vessels ? And/or because of damage of lung alveoli by viral replication ? Or ...
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Effects of n95 respirator in-flight - from the point of view of ambient oxygen level

I have a generic question about the usage of n95/99 or higher filtration respirators in high-altitude flights. With current pandemic situation we see many government/airlines are enforcing the use of ...
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3 answers

Is a hyperventilation+hypoventilation breathing exercise (Wim Hof Method) more likely to prevent or promote cancer?

Apart from exposure to cold, the core element of the Wim Hof Method is a breathing technique, which alternates between hyperventilation and hypoventilation (apparently similar to Tummo meditation). It ...
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Venous PO2 and anemic hypoxia [closed]

Why does venous PO2 decrease in anemic hypoxia? Shouldn't it be constant as PO2 is a measure of the dissolved oxygen?
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2 answers

Simulate hypoxic training by breath holding/regulation

Is it possible to physically simulate hypoxic training by doing periodic breath holds or breath regulation during aerobic activity? Ideally, it ought to be done in a hypobaric/hypoxic chamber whilst ...
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1 answer

Can voluntarily hyperventilating cause cerebral hypoxia, and therefore brain cell death (brain damage)?

Can voluntarily hyperventilating by raising one's resting respiratory rate to 30 breaths/min cause cerebral hypoxia, and therefore brain cell death (brain damage)?
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Could the cerebral hypoxia caused by voluntarily hyperventilating for an hour ("breathwork") cause brain damage?

TL;DR hyperventilating for 60 minutes for psychedelic/meditative/therapeutic effect: is this dangerous? Hyperventilation can lead to cerebral hypoxia, as hypocapnia (reduced CO2 in blood) causes ...