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What is the intuition behind diagnosis of Hyponatremia?

I am a first year medical student and my textbook of biochemistry under the heading of sodium under the section minerals barely touched upon hyponatremia and only mentioned a few causes such as liver ...
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How osmotic diuresis leads to loss of sodium, chloride, potassium?

I was reading about diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA), where it was mentioned about osmotic diuresis caused by glucose within the renal tubules. Okay, I understand about the fluid loss due to osmotic ...
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Hyponatremia and hypobicarbonatemia

What is the answer to the following question? And why? An untreated patient with which one of the following conditions is MOST LIKELY to present with (relative to a healthy individual) decreased ...
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Do dietary potassium and sodium interact with eachother?

I've read on some blogs that potassium helps lower blood pressure for people that have a high sodium intake. I've also read that these two nutrients interact with each other, so if you have more ...
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