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Questions tagged [hydrogen-peroxide]

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Truth or myth to get white teeth?

I've read in some forum that coconut oil or hydrogen peroxide could help to remove plaque and stains from teeth and will got white teeth. I know that teeth color is genetic thing but if they will have ...
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Is frequent steaming of the face (like in a sauna) an effective way to open up skin pores and detox? Hydrogen Peroxide prevent acne?

For those who suffer from acne -- is frequent exposure to steam an effective way to keep the skin clean? My understanding is heat opens up the skin-pores, and the skin pores are better able to detox,...
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Peroxisomes catalase

I know peroxisome has many functions like detoxification, oxidation of certain fatty acids which leads to production of hydrogen peroxide,I wanna know how does hydrogen peroxide in cytosol gets in to ...
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