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Human papillomavirus causes a sexually transmitted infection associated with a number of cancers, most notably cervical cancer. Use this tag for questions relating to the biology of HPV, its transmission, or associated cancer risks.

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Which HPV types are detectable by the immune system to remove it from body?

Some resources (like WHO) says that HPV can be cleared by the immune system as the following. WHO There are many types of HPV, and many do not cause problems. HPV infections usually clear up without ...
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Should a person with warts avoid baths to avoid the spread of HPV to other body parts?

The cause of warts in general is the Human papillomavirus, or HPV for short. If I understand it correctly, HPV causes both genital warts and warts on toes. Does this mean that if a person with a wart ...
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How does immunity against HPV work?

Premises: The HPV vaccine(s) protect against infection with several HPV strains (the number depending on the exact vaccine), but don't cure existing infections. HPV is not a blood-borne disease, i.e. ...
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Some clarity about HPV

I have experienced two separate episodes of HPV as warts in my body; the fist one was on my foot sole, the second in my genital area. I had the one in my foot for months until it got inflamed due to ...
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Why is the age limit of 45 on HPV vaccine?,people%20in%20their%20mid%2D40s. Over the years, researchers have ...
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Rejected from my pap smear appointment, 3 months early from annual checkup for HPV

Today I arrived at the obgyn office, disrobed and then was told to wait 3 months before doing my next pap smear (done last October). Basically, I was rejected from my pap smear appointment. From my ...
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