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Is there any known correlation between stomach worms and fungal skin infections?

Is there any literature which points to correlation between worm infestation of the intestines and fungal infection of the skin? The possible mechanism being the stomach worms disrupting natural ...
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What methods are there to diagnose helminths?

I know that stool tests can diagnose tapeworms/pinworms/other worms. Are there other methods?
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The upside to hookworms? Possible treatment to asthma?

I was listening to the "Hookworm" episode on "Stuff You Should Know" Podcast, and as a tangential comment, they mentioned that scientists theorize that hookworms may offer a another treatment option (...
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Chances of contracting hook worm in Canada?

Hook worm is contracted through infected soil, feces, etc. If I am correct? Every website says developing countries are more at risk, but how at risk am I in Canada when I walk barefoot on trails and ...
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