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How does colloid pressure help in maintaining fluid inside blood vessels?

I learned in my physiology course that hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that fluids put on the wall of blood vessels and therefore, the fluid tends to get out of the blood vessel and that makes ...
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A theoretical medical approach that could help reduce the amount of bone loss during osteomyelitis

I got a question from a textbook <<Seeley's Anatomy & Physiology Twelfth Edition>> that does not have an answer at the back of the book (only odd numbered questions do have an answer ...
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Phases of cardiac cycle

what is the correct sequence for cardiac cycle Sequence 1: a. Atrial systole b. Ventricular systole c. Combined diastole Sequence2 a. Atrial systole/Ventricular diastole b. Ventricular systole/atrial ...
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How to distinguish between PKU and MSUD in a clinical case question?

This question was asked in a medicine quiz I was participating in. An 8-day-old boy is brought to the physician by his mother because of vomiting and poor feeding. The pregnancy was uncomplicated, ...
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