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How does HIV infect people?

If a person had sex with multiple people and none of them were infected with HIV, would it cause the generation of HIV in his/her body? Does sex with multiple partners lead to the generation of HIV? ...
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What is the risk of HIV infection via insertive fellatio?

The insertive fellatio, i.e. getting a blow job, is considered a very low risk exposure, perhaps a mere theoretical risk, for HIV infection. Can someone come up with published clinical evidence on ...
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Why is HIV singled out from other STIs?

If HIV is an STI, then why is HIV often listed separately? Examples: HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections Fact sheet STDs and HIV – CDC Fact Sheet What You Need To Know About the Links Between ...
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How can there be a level of HIV viral load that will make infecting others impossible?

I just read about a court case where someone was acquitted for "being dangerous to the surrounding" by having unprotected sex when diagnosed with HIV. The reasoning was that since this person was ...
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How do you get infected with HIV?

If someone has unprotected sex with a woman who had other sexual partners before will that cause HIV?
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What is really the cause of HIV? [closed]

I have tried reading about the cause of HIV on the Internet, but everywhere I look tends to state that things like unprotected sex and bad blood transfusions are causes. Instead I view those as ways ...
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Risk of HIV transmission during blood test?

If I as an healthy individual get my blood work done for preventative reasons (health checkup etc...) at mass testing labs (Labcorp) or smaller local internal medicine practices - what are the chances ...
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