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What is the principle behind PCR/NAAT test, in the context of HIV, especially compared to antigen/antibody test?

So here's my limited understanding of how viral infections work. Some virus enters the body and causes an infection. The virus then begins to replicate itself. It takes some time for there to be ...
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1 answer

Why is it not possible to get HIV by touching a contaminated surface?

I was wondering if one could get HIV from basically touching a surface which has had viral DNA extract, serum, or blood on it; and then touching their (bleeding) pimple or acne, or any other open area ...
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1 answer

How can there be a level of HIV viral load that will make infecting others impossible?

I just read about a court case where someone was acquitted for "being dangerous to the surrounding" by having unprotected sex when diagnosed with HIV. The reasoning was that since this person was ...
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Contagiousness of lip herpes in the work environment?

I just started working in a chemistry lab and found out on my first day that someone in the same lab as I am has lip herpes. I am a habitual nailbiter, and while this would be a great opportunity to ...
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What happens to HIV once it completely destroys the immune system?

Today, in my high school health class we were learning about HIV and AIDS, and I was wondering what would happen to HIV if it killed off all of the cells that it uses to reproduce. For example, ...
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