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Why is HIV singled out from other STIs?

If HIV is an STI, then why is HIV often listed separately? Examples: HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections Fact sheet STDs and HIV – CDC Fact Sheet What You Need To Know About the Links Between ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What's with anal sex and HIV?

There always seem to be much vaguely stated health reading material about anal intercourse increasing the risk of the transfer of HIV/AIDS, but it never reads precisely; so my question is: does ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How can someone that is HIV positive not be contagious?

According to (In Swedish but I assume there are similar ...
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What are the real chances of HIV transmission? [closed]

I am really confused about this matter. I've heard a lot of versions from doctors and on internet. To be more specific: A pathologist that claimed to have worked with HIV positive patients for 10 ...
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How does HIV infect people?

If a person had sex with multiple people and none of them were infected with HIV, would it cause the generation of HIV in his/her body? Does sex with multiple partners lead to the generation of HIV? ...
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How can I detect condom failure? [closed]

I use condom to prevent the transmission of HIV in anal sex. How can I know if the condom is broken before or during the sex? What's the feeling when the condom breaks during the sex? If there are ...
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