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How does baking soda relieve an itch?

Searching around the web, I found a lot of resources saying that baking soda (NaHCO₃) is good to relieve an itch. For example, this article Baking Soda for You Skin: Is It Safe, When to Use, and More ...
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Why do we need histamines - If the allergen does not really bother you?

I must begin with the fact that I am not a physician nor a soon to-be one, I ask this question in a naïve and not-so-professional way because I don't want to mislead anyone - the examples and ...
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Do antihistamines slow down the healing process of a bite/wound?

Taking antihistamines is common for relieving the itch sensation from a mosquito bite. This itching sensation is one of the side effects of histamine, which is produced as part of the immunological ...
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Is there such a thing as "histamine liberators" and how do they work?

In the context of allergies, I keep reading the term "histamine liberators" with claims that certain foods release histamine. A random example from Some foods, while low ...
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Does increasing “allergy” histamine affect “wake” histamine? Do both respond to the same triggers?

I understand that histamine is used by the body as part of the immune response, widening blood vessels, etc., to aid the white blood cells in their attack. Often this ends up helping them attack ...
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Are "latex fruit intolerance/syndrome" and "histamine intolerance" related or otherwise two names for the same problem?

I have an intolerance to bananas and avocados without a doubt. I get bowel cramps, bloating, and if I eat way too much of those foods, some mild topical itching on my skin. My research for latex ...