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At which layer in the human anatomy is the mesh placed during Laparoscopic TEP inguinal hernia repair?

I am told that one of the benefits of TEP hernia repair is that it avoids penetrating the abdominal cavity. This implies that the surgeon does not cut into the Transversales Facia or the Peritoneum ...
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If hernias can’t heal on their own, why do mesh patches dissolve?

A hernia is a soft bulge that can be apparent on physical exam, caused by an organ having found its way to somewhere it shouldn’t be, usually through damage to a muscle lining that holds the organ in ...
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Hernia repair with a mesh

I'm wondering if hernia repair with a mesh prevents the hernia from growing. I'm imagining a sort of plaster being placed over the hernia but the hole still being there and growing. Or is the mesh ...
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How do I know I slipped a disc?

I Have a moderate discomfort in my back and have done for a while. I'm in an office job and am in to physical sports such as MMA which could be related. If I had to describe the symptoms, it feels ...
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What happened to all the centers for hiatus hernia?

I have been doing much research for years on the esophageal hiatal hernia. I found exactly one paper on-line (from the US military, I believe, I cannot relocate it) that mentioned in passing that ...
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Cervical spondylosis with disc prolapse at C5-C6 level [closed]

My mother is suffering from cervical spondylosis with disc prolapse after an accident. She got whiplash injury. She was feeling acute pain at that time but pain has now reduced. She has been advised ...
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