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How did hereditary diseases originally start?

(To preface this, I've 0 knowledge of medicine) If diseases such as Huntington's are hereditary and you can't develop/catch them later in life, how did the original person in the family bloodline get ...
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How is hereditary cancer risk estimated?

Consider the following example: Suppose X is a person whose mother Y died of cancer (breast) after undergoing treatment for 13 years. The doctors had said that Y could have lived 15 years but ...
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How common is it for women in their 20's to have a BRCA gene test conducted?

If women in their 20's do have concerns or family history of having breast cancer, can they request to have the brca-gene-test done?? How rare is it for women that young to ask for that? Or is it ...
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Is Klippel Feil Syndrome hereditary? Recessive/Dominant? Liklihood of passing it to offspring?

I assume Klippel Feil Syndrome (KFS) is genetic/hereditary because my sister and I both have it, and it's a rare disease. But if I'm wrong, please do correct me. Is KFS genetic-hereditary? My ...
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Are dimples and cleft-chins (aka dimple chins, butt chins) genetic?

Are dimples and cleft-chins (aka dimple chins, butt chins) genetic? How rare are cleft chins or dimples?
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Rheumatoid arthritis heritability

Is there any scientific information available on how likely it is that a child with one parent with rheumatoid arthritis will have the same condition? I know there's probably not going to be any hard ...
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Fainted history in both myself and my father. Can it be related?

I am a twenty five year old male, pretty fit, no known conditions. I fainted last night for a few seconds and although I will get it checked out, it has to wait for a week or two so I thought I'd get ...
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Is having a congenitally fused heart valve a hereditary condition?

A person (close to me genetically) recently had a surgery to replace an aortic heart valve that the surgeon called "the ugliest valve he'd seen in a long time". Two of the leaflets were fused ...
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