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Hemoglobin (abbreviated Hb or Hgb) is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells.

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What limits the VO2 (rate of oxygen consumption) in individuals?

I am quite confused regarding what limits the VO2 max, options are (1) number of mitochondria or (2) the ability of the cardiovascular system to deliver oxygen to tissues. I believe it should be the # ...
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Why transfused blood has lower 2,3 - BPG levels

I read the following quote in the textbook Kaplan Biochemistry (2018 edition, page 183): Transfused blood has lower than expected 2,3 BPG levels, making it less efficient at delivering oxygen to ...
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Benefits of low hemoglobin in high altitude populations

Tibetans living at high altitudes have red blood cell levels and hemoglobin levels similar to those of lowlanders at sea level — and as a consequence of the low oxygen levels at those altitudes, ...
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Why is 88% SpO2 considered a critical level?

If I understand correctly, arterial blood is usually saturated to ~95% with oxygen, the oxygen being transported in combination with haemoglobin in a ratio of 4:1. Venous blood is saturated at around ...
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How much time before donating blood should I eat food rich with iron? [closed]

I am regular donor and sometimes, they will not accept me because my iron level is too low (hemoglobin level is I believe precisely what is measured, though I am not an expert). They send me home, and ...
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Susceptibility of β-Thalassemia Heterozygotes to COVID-19

A recent study by medical researchers in Greece ( concluded that β-Thalassemia Heterozygotes (carriers) are more susceptible to severe symptoms of COVID-19 as ...
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What does it mean if my urine test is positive for ketones, hemoglobin, and leukocytes?

What would be some of the reasons/explanations as to why one's urine test would test positive for ketones, hemoglobin, and leukocytes? I'm not even sure what ketones and leukocytes are. Thanks.
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Hemoglobin level is not increasing in blood - Why?

I have low level of hemoglobin in my blood. I include the followings in my food. Pomegranate,Iron syrups,Dates,Beetroot. Still my hemoglobin level is not increased properly. I want some suggestions to ...
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Can inadequate amount of water in body, affect CBC test results?

I remember once my father took a CBC test, and his hemoglobin was strangely higher than that of one day before. We thought the test could be erroneous, but the lab's technician said it's probably ...
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