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How does the heart rate change during REM and non-REM stages?

I read different references and I understand that the average heart rate during sleep decreases by some beats per minute. The heart rate is slower in non-REM stage than REM but I found no measurements ...
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Period between Heart lub-dup sound S1 and S2

Just curious not asking a professional opinion, Does anyone know the average time difference between S1 and S2 sounds of the heart the so called lub-dup sound? I believe its around 150 milliseconds. ...
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Difference in heart muscle tissue growth (cardio vs low-rep intense weight lifting)

Below is a quote from a subreddit that says: I haven't kept up on the research, but the last thing I read back in college looked at weight lifters and long distance runners. Both types had larger ...
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How wrist wearables count breaths?

I am doing a research about wrist wearables in order to understand how they work. They can be used to measure stress levels, just like pupillometry, skin conductance and other related measures can be. ...
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Why consciousness is lost immediately when heart stops beating?

When heart stops beating - consciousness is lost in seconds. It is explained that it is due to the drop of blood pressure in brain veins. However, by my understanding - that should only make brain ...
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What if our hearts didn’t pulse?

Let’s say we used an electric pump that’s smart enough to adjust the blood flow according to the needs of the body. What would be the effects on our organs? Would we survive without the beats? I just ...