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How does a cardiopulmonary bypass machine continue circulation without cutting off circulation to the pulmonary veins and artery?

So, my first stop in trying to answer this question was on Johns Hopkins website, but they are way too vague about the procedure, especially the use of a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. The only ...
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3 votes
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Can Stillborn babies be organ donors?

I'm doing some research and am curious if a stillborn infant can be an organ donor (specifically for the heart). Under what parameters would a recipient be able to receive them in terms of the ...
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Heart size growth after heart transplant in children?

I am wondering if they perform a heart transplant to a kid around 10 years, do the heart size increases over the years?
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Can a person with a heart transplant fly safely, or should they consider an alternative form of transportation?

Could a person who had received a heart transplant move to/travel to another country (for example: From France to the United States)? The caveat being that they would have to set up another team of ...
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Heart transplant for people over the age of 65

On the NHS website for heart transplants, it says: You will usually be considered unsuitable for a heart transplant if you: Are over the age of 65 – though exceptions can be made I have been unable ...
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