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Is aggressive treatment needed in inferior wall type of heart attacks

Heart attack or myocardial infarction (MI) is broadly of 2 types: anterior wall and inferior wall, depending on the wall of heart involved. The anterior wall MI is far more dangerous, both in short ...
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What conditions will the application of an AED enable a person in cardiac shock to obtain to normal heart rhythm

While this always depends in practice on the person's health and internal characteristics, in general what conditions would an AED or defibrillator solely used actually enable normal heart rhythm ...
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Cardiac events/Myocardial infarction from 1 clinic or 1 large city daily data

Requesting help in finding a DAILY data about cardiac events/myocardial infarction from 1 clinic or 1 large city, i.e. day by day number of events for at least a month. It is very easy to find this ...
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What is the proper self-aid during a heart attack?

I've heard that using cough during heart attacks as an improvised CPR is a complete myth. (Important note disproving self-CPR: CPR shall not be performed on conscious people.) My question is what are ...
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How could a heart attack be prevented if a cholesterol buildup in an artery near the heart was detected?

I learned that blood clots in coronary arteries caused by plaque ruptures are the most common cause of heart attacks, and this raised the question: If a severe cholesterol buildup were detected, how ...
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Chest pain accompanied with nausea

My mom says she woke up with chest pains and nausea twice last night is this a early warning sign of heart attack or stroke? She takes Xanax on the regular not sure if that could have anything to do ...
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