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The faculty of perceiving sound.

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Why don't babies get hearing loss from their own loud crying?

According to this news article babies can produce up to 130 decibels when crying. That's about the same intensity as the sound of a jackhammer and louder than ambulance sirens or a chain saw. A person ...
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Do the frequencies inherent in tinnitus have any side effects?

I've heard that certain frequencies naturally have some autonomic effects in some people. I've also heard that tinnitus sometimes falls into that range. I can't really find much information on these ...
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What is the effect of sound frequency on hearing?

We all know that humans can tolerate lower frequencies at high volumes better than higher frequencies. In fact, for particularly low frequencies, high SPL is needed just for it to be audible. What’s ...
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Can hearing aids damage the ears of those with profound hearing loss because they must exceed 85 dB?

By definition, profound hearing loss means their hearing threshold is over 90 dB. If the 85 dB rule still applies, in theory, hearing aids can damage their residual hearing. There are hearing aids ...
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Tinnitus caused due to random impulses?

Usually when I experience a sudden loud noise or silence I hear this sound.. Okay a website says this A common cause of tinnitus is inner ear cell damage. Tiny, delicate hairs in your inner ear ...
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Why is it that when I yawn, I hardly hear anything

I've confirmed this a lot of people and I've noticed I ain't the only one with this experience. When I yawn, it's hard for me to hear what anyone is saying. So my question is - Is this normal or ...
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Can hearing be improved by pressure changes?

On a recent flight, I noticed that my hearing was better when there was an imbalance in pressure between my inner and outer ear. After yawning, my hearing would worsen. Or rather, the noise of the ...
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Risks of prolonged use of ultrasonic speakers

I would like to know if there are known risks for hearing or any other possible health issue in case of long usage of ultrasonic (parametric) speakers (see an example) at low volume. For long usage I ...
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Possible Threats from prolonged white noise exposure

A white noise (eg. Normal Rain) has loudness around 65dB. Although for an adult, on a standard basis, there are max 8 hours recommended exposure for 85dB See chart. Still, can a prolonged stretch (10-...
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Music/Sounds sound different after a night out

I'm wondering what's causing the following issue: After a night out to the club (where music is loud) and getting drunk with friends it seems the next day when I wake up that sounds that I know (for ...
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High frequency sounds and hearing damage

First of all, I am not a professional and have only basic everyday understanding of medicine. But this question still is one for medical science: What frequency range of sounds can damage hearing? Is ...
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Why can't we "heal" Tinnitus by destroying the corresponding neurons?

So, my basic understanding is this: A neuron can either send a signal, or not. Sending a signal costs energy & work (and the neuron might only survive so and so many send-cycles). So let's say the ...
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