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Can the brain get used to unbalanced hearing from treating unilateral hearing loss?

According to this imaginary example of unilateral hearing loss, if they treat just the weaker ear, it might create unbalanced hearing so that sounds heard by the treated ear are perceived as louder ...
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What's the minimum hearing loss that hearing aids can treat considering that subclinical hearing loss may increase the risk of dementia?

It's important to treat hearing loss when it comes to brain function. There's research showing that the risk of dementia may increase two-fold when it's mild, three-fold when it's moderate, and five-...
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Can hearing aids damage the ears of those with profound hearing loss because they must exceed 85 dB?

By definition, profound hearing loss means their hearing threshold is over 90 dB. If the 85 dB rule still applies, in theory, hearing aids can damage their residual hearing. There are hearing aids ...
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Why don't babies get hearing loss from their own loud crying?

According to this news article babies can produce up to 130 decibels when crying. That's about the same intensity as the sound of a jackhammer and louder than ambulance sirens or a chain saw. A person ...
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Optimal length of music break to reduce long term risks of noise-induced hearing loss?

I use noise isolating in ear headphones while working. I am considering instituting "music breaks" to reduce risks related to hearing loss. A 10-20 minute review of websites haven't really given me ...
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Can temporomandibular joint disorder cause sensorineural hearing loss?

Is the pain when walking or running with such a disorder an indicator that hearing loss is occuring or going to occur? Ear pain is considered a symptom for this disorder. Can that be an indicator of ...
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