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Questions tagged [healthy-cooking]

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What is the current standpoint on cooking with olive oil?

Usually I make dishes by adding a tablespoon of olive oil to the meat or vegetables and just have them for some time on a teflon pan. I know that frying is done on high temperatures and results in ...
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Does soaked oats lower glycemic index (GI) and does it chemically/biologically count as cooked?

what's the best way to prepare or cook oats for the benefits? does soaking oats have any benefits such as lowering GI? does cooking oats have more benefits? how long do you need to microwave oats to ...
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Which cookware is best from health perspective?

Cookwares are made up of various materials. Which cookware is best from health perspective? Please include anodised aluminium and stainless steel in your answer.
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Any known health hazards due to rusty metal on the inside of a microwave oven?

Imagine a metal microwave which is a bit rusty, also on the inside. Would there be any health hazards due to the condition of this metal, when using the microwave oven?
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What are the health benefits of coffee?

I'm not a coffee fan, but I would like to know what are the health benefits of the coffee ? Some people say good for body fitness etc, Like to get an idea about coffee.
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