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Is there any reason why free sugar consumption should be limited to low amounts?

The terminology free sugars is possibly related to mono and dissacharides. It is not clear to me if it means precisely just refined sugars or both, refined and not refined. There is a WHO study ...
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Why is Clostridium difficile toxin A + B outdated in snomed?

I'm looking at the new version of the Snomed dictionary and the concept 707993000 Clostridium difficile toxin A + B (substance) is deactivated (and outdated) since version 20170731. Can anybody ...
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Is there a medical database with data (measured from patients) for research?

I am currently working on a mathematical project about optimisation problems in pharmacokinetics. To make it more practical and interesting, I was thinking of making some computations on actual data. ...
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In what format does your practice send patient records to individuals who request it in electronic format?

I am currently a student studying at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology looking to develop a new medium for patients to manage their health records. My biggest question for you all is in what ...
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Largest number of NDC characters

I'm trying to set the data type for NDC codes in a database, with a length on the data type. When reading about National Drug Codes (NDC), I'm finding that most codes are either 10 or 11 characters. ...
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Is there a universal patient id to link individuals across clinical records and clinical studies?

For clinical record management, patients typically assigned an id within a medical center or a clinical study (often along with a national id). A bottleneck in leveraging patient information for large-...
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Clinical Notes database for research

My research is on extracting diagnoses from clinical notes/reports using Artificial Intelligence. I am strugling with finding good datasets that has big number of records I have MIMIC dataset but one ...
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Cancer Life Expectancy

I understand there is data for 5/10 year survival rates for different cancers. Is there any data on survival rates for survivors? IE what is the patient's 5 year survival rate, given no recurrence in ...
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Is there common database about drugs from around the world?

Let's say I would like to find cheaper Chinese alternative or find a drug by an active substance (by Xylose Isomerase for instance). Is there any site that could help with that?
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Are blood pressure numbers recorded during an office visit really meaningful?

On a recent visit to my primary care doctor the staff did the perfunctory BP reading. I had just sat down a few seconds prior. The reading was done only once. Is such a reading at all meaningful? I ...
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