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Would it make sense, from a scientific and public health point of view, to impose wearing face masks when sick? [closed]

If nothing else, the Covid years should have taught us one fundamental lesson: the importance of better hygiene. The proof is that, during the times when mask wearing and hand disinfection became ...
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Why are government decisions being led by the number of COVID CASES (as opposed to actual deaths)? [closed]

Since the early days of COVID-19, when very little information was available regarding this new virus, we now have an abundance of data. Data such as: Cases recorded, per nation, per time period ...
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Is a nightly curfew an effective intervention strategy for limiting the spread of an infectious disease?

The governing bodies of several geographic areas hit by disease outbreaks will sometimes impose a nightly curfew on their citizens, restricting or limiting the ability of their citizens from going ...
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Is there any identified policy China is doing to successfully reduce COVID-19 the other countries aren't using?

Over the last days (beginning of March 2020), active cases of COVID-19 from China have dropped at a rate of 1,000-2,000 per day. China is the only country which seems able to reduce the amount of ...
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Why are telemedicine services regional?

In trying to find information about available telemedicine skin cancer screening services, I've noticed that many telemedicine services are only available to a specific region. They service a few ...
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Is a caregiver allowed to pickup prescription medicine for elderly person living in assisted living center?

Is a caregiver allowed to pickup prescription medicine for elderly person living in assisted living center? I am conducting research on this topic and writing a paper about it. Answer would be ...
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What are the countries restricted for Workings as a TB diagnosed individual?

I came across some shocking information that GCC countries and Brunei doesn't give work visa for person who was diagnosed by TB in past. Any spots in chest will be enough evidence to cancel the ...
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Why did the UK ban phenmetrazine?

I used small doses everyday for years, it's the only thing that made my social disorders bearable. I wasn't breaking any laws. Why did the (UK) government recently ban phenmetrazine when they ...
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