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Any research on health-outcome measures that most likely cause policy-change?

A lot of medical research is done with outcome measures that may not have strong impact on health policy? Is there any research on outcome measures that more strongly influence health policy? I made a ...
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Is regular water incursion into the ear considered beneficial or harmful?

I've never been terribly comfortable getting water in my ear. Others swear part of a proper bathing is rinsing ears out. I can imagine cleansing could be important, I can also envision that water ...
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Is Wi-Fi harmful to one's health? [closed]

Is Wi-Fi harmful to one's health, so much so that we should live without it? There are different sides to this debate - why should I believe one side more than the other? Indeed, we live with Wi-Fi ...
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Wrist (radial) artery vs thigh (femoral) artery route for angiography

Angiography of the heart is generally performed via artery of upper thigh, the femoral artery. This artery is larger and easier to access but patient has to remain lying down for a few hours after the ...
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Is there any health risk in cellular phones?

Cellular phones are taking ever increasing part in our lives, and I keep hearing people saying they are harmful to our health. Are there any scientific researches so far proving or disproving those ...
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