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Questions tagged [health-informatics]

This tag should be used for questions relating to health software, health data science, medical terminologies (e.g. ICD, SNOMED CT), clinical decision support, specifications and interoperability (e.g. FHIR).

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Is there a way to monitor the quality of healthcare and dental care I am receiving?

It could be a particular online website for reviews, a list of doctor's strength and weaknesses during some kind of an assessment, and or anything that can give consumers a greater capacity in gauging ...
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Is there data on whether abandoning information technology in healthcare increases adverse events or errors made?

I work in a hospital where a lot of processes are digitalized (e.g., electronic health records, QR-code assisted workflow for prescribing medication etc.). I am looking for research on whether the ...
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What is the required procedure for a US resident to acquire a prescription drug from Canada?

Some drugs, such as Resolor (Prucalopride), are not available in the United States, yet doctors practicing in the United States use them for patients. For example, Dr. Mark Pimentel, discussing his ...
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Is there a universal patient id to link individuals across clinical records and clinical studies?

For clinical record management, patients typically assigned an id within a medical center or a clinical study (often along with a national id). A bottleneck in leveraging patient information for large-...
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How to link UK BNF code to a chemical code (pubchem ID or CAS Number)?

Is there any way to link a United Kingdom BNF code of drug treatment to some kind of chemical compound ID, such as a PubChem ID or a CAS Number? I've got thousands of BNF codes (with descriptions) ...
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Clinical Notes database for research

My research is on extracting diagnoses from clinical notes/reports using Artificial Intelligence. I am strugling with finding good datasets that has big number of records I have MIMIC dataset but one ...
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Finding "Type of Service" code(s) for specific procedures/CPT codes

How do healthcare providers find the right "Type of Service" code(s) for Coverage inquiries/Claims? From what I gather, in order to get an accurate answer for Coverage inquiries and Claim submission ...
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Aged care, sensors and machine learning

What would be valuable to monitor for an aged individual. In order to be able to care for them better. Im working on a open source project to provide remote monitoring of senior population. The idea ...
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