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Is there a name for the bright lights/fuzzy spots that are seen after head trauma?

I have had a number of concussions and the one thing I remember quite a few times is seeing bright spots or white fuzzy spots in my vision briefly after. A similar thing occurs when I have ...
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Time necessary between two consecutive head CTs

A patient (male, 39) who has had head trauma and reports light headaches and strong tinnitus has had a brain CT scan done soon after symptom onsets (but 5 weeks after the trauma). No contrast agent ...
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With the skull being malleable at birth, does the shape of your skull affect one's susceptibility to head trauma?

Some boxers have an "iron chin" and can take punches better than others. When my nephews were born, it was explained that the shape of the skull is not permanent and changes in the early stages of ...
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Can repeated light hits to the head cause brain damage?

Can a single or repeated light hit to the head that is mild enough to not shake the head but is followed by a mild headache or dizziness cause brain damage? Does the brain need to hit the skull to be ...
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How common is CTE in normal adults?

How common is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in normal adults who don't have obvious risk factors such as high-impact sports? Have there been any studies done on the normal population as ...
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Are Depressions in the Skull Normal or At Least Okay [closed]

I went skiing recently and hit the back of my head pretty hard. I had a headache for a few days, but it went away and hasn't really come back. I recently got x-rayed for braces and noticed a ...
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Do concussions affect children more profoundly than adults?

Concussions are a serious matter no matter what age you are. Of course innumerable factors are at play, but in general, do concussions affect children more profoundly than they do adults? In other ...
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Medical term for headbanging inability post-car-crash condition [closed]

I would like to know the name of the brain (sub)condition whereby after a car accident, you are unable to shake your head in vigorous back and forth or side to side headbanging activity head movements ...
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Language decline due to chronic traumatic encephalopathy

I'm looking for references to studies on language decline due to progressing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). A preliminary search on google only gave me general info like "word loss, memory ...
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Implications of repeated low level head impact?

Given the recent highlighting of the long term health implications of head trauma and concussions in professional sports, has there been any research done on what level of impact is needed to produce ...
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