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Should even people with Hashimoto’s disease take potassium iodide in radiation emergencies?

In some radiation emergencies, governments will recommend that people take potassium iodide for a short time in pretty high doses to protect their thyroid against radiation damage and cancer. But ...
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Knowing the root cause of one's hypothyroidism? How to know if it's Hashimotos Disease?

Ever since I was a teenager, I've been treated for hypothyrodism (underactive thyrodid). However, I don't recall the official diagnosis process and am not sure if it was ever conducted. My grandmother,...
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9 votes
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Hashimoto thyroiditis leading to severe psychological problems and behavior changes?

Can Hashimoto thyroiditis lead to psychological problems and severe behavioral changes? Do existing psychological problems (anxiety, depression, etc.) 'compound' when layered with Hashimoto ...
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