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H. pylori-caused Bad Breath: how does it smell like?

One of my relatives has bad breath. Common causes, including dry oral cavity, poor dental health, dirty tongue coating, tonsil stones, are ruled out. We now suspect that H. pylori is the culprit. He ...
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Keto diet and mouth odor

Background Information My boyfriend recently started the ketogenic diet about 3 weeks ago and I have started noticing that his breath has been getting stronger and stronger. It smells like a cross ...
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Bad Breath Problem

I saw a similar question like this on here but I don't think there was a solid answer. I have a terrible problem where I have bad breath all day especially in the morning but I don't know how to stop ...
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Acid-reflux safe breath fresheners?

I like my breath to feel clean after meals and have been chewing gums or using mints for years. While I knew that mint itself is bad for gastritis, I only recently heard that chewing gum is ...
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Dentist says Dry-Mouth leads to bad breath (halitosis), gingivitis, tooth-decay, periodontal disease, etc. Why isn't Dry-Mouth diagnosed more often?

I had my semi-annual check-up with my dentist today and he noted that I had a severely dry-mouth. I've known I had this, but with all my other medical issues, I didn't consider it to be one of my ...
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